Different trains

July 9th, 2010

This month, I started to work on a ‘hommage’ to Steve Reich that will be presented in Rennes, France _ next october. The Bretagne Orchestra directed by Jean-Mickaël Lavoie will play this amazing piece in a front of my video. It’s a great honnor that Cultures Electroni[k] invite me to create visual for Different Trains. Steve Reich is for me a very significative influence _ not only because I’m basically a drummer, but because he has experience with repetitive rhythmic cycles and phases. What I particularly like in different trains, is that these are the voices pre-recorded on tapes which dictate the beat and the harmony to the musicians. My idea is to create 3 ‘tableaux kinétique’ that will establish an atmosphere suited to the three separate movements of this piece. I opted to does not, or hardly ever show the train. Rather, we will look through the windows _ the frosted window, the anamorphic window, the poetic vision. From the eyes of passengers to the outside world. For the few parts that we will see a train, I worked with a miniature train shooted in macro optic.