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Turnable on waves

December 30th, 2009

I found at Raspoutine MusicShop a very cheap _ VINYL to USB _ turnable. So funny to listen Milt Jackson on an instable mechanic.

SF2009_blog 01Milt Jackson 02
Milt Jackson 01

San Francisco by the beach

December 28th, 2009

At the last minute _ Eva and I found flight tickets really cheap for San Francisco _ is just that it has decided us to go to that destination _ just to take good time before starting 2010.
At this time of the year, sea lions must immigrate soon here at Pier 39 _ we’re excited and we’re going to the docks every day. Until their arrivals, we take long walks in the city and near the sea _ and we rent Go-Car to go under the golden bridge.

SF2009_blog 09SF2009_blog 08SF2009_blog 07SF2009_blog 10SF2009_blog 12

happy birthday _ 9.12.09

December 13th, 2009

This wednesday was my birthday . . . My friend Eva give me a surprising and beautifull gift _ a training day at the Bromont Equestrian Center. It was a pleasure to meet Jacob, a nice white Etalon

Horse Sutton 030-k

Horse Sutton 018-k

Horse Sutton 019-k
Horse Sutton 025-k

our mascot

our mascot

Horse Sutton 058-k

the best friends _ they are always together !

goat + horse are the best friends in the world _ they are always together _ inseparables !

Horse Sutton 095-k


December 5th, 2009

I am happy to receive from Dominique Godderis some mini-snip audiofiles.
She makes them spontaneously, aimless, like sound sketches. They are very refreshing.
Here are two.

01-my house




December 2nd, 2009

Yesterday, Dominique Godderis and me _ went by chance to the Moka Classic Expresso Bar . . . the owner of this very ’50 lookin place, was very attracted and impressed by my glasses. hi ! _ He said to me that behind a frame on the wall, there is a 1947 comic book with a cartoon guy that looks like me. He starting to open few frames to find the good one. I admit _ he was right . . .
moka cartoon01
moka cartoon02
moka cartoon05
moka cartoon06
moka cartoon04x
moka cartoon04