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November 9th, 2014

THE TRYPTIC Rewire festival november 7th 2014
It was planned to perform 3 of my works


The venue was huge and fit totally with the spirit and aesthetic of these 3 pieces.
I had already performed Train Fragments with this percussion group in Brugge. They are very good and powerful. So, we started using the architecture resonance. Hit and Slam on the Steel metal structure and gradually move on the stage. All the audience in the dark with few lights on the structure of the factory. we played the first piece until the train derails _ just at the end of this movement, very synchronise with the score … Total black out. We crash the electricity of the factory. Incredible but true. Ironical !!!!! The building foreman was out for the week end. Impossible to reboot the system. But these first 15 minutes was so intense and the audience stay very hi when the power crash. So the tryptic was reduce to these 15 minutes. More pictures coming soon !


December 8th, 2011

Back from Chicago and Casablanca, I started to work on the new version of Overlapp. OVERLAPP It’s a short piece of 6 minutes lenght. Kind A ZOOM-IN BETWEEN Train Fragments AND DUST, when I present, like in Taipei in january, the tryptic TRAIN FRAGMENTS+OVERLAPP+DUST. IT’S AN URBAN IMPRESSIONISTIC VISION FOCUSING ON MICROSCOPIC PARTICULES.
I share with you some picts from my screen during the creation process.

Kolgen+Orchestre Symphonique de Québec

March 6th, 2011

Dans le cadre des mois multi, j’ai présenté 3 oeuvres au Grand Théâtre de Québec. [ DIFFERENT TRAINS + OVERLAPP + DUST ] Philip Mann a conduit l’orchestre de main de maître. He’s a young american conductor with a open mind with a music contemporary approach. For my piece Overlapp he was able to improvise with my electronic part and the orchestra. Philip Mann is quickly gaining a reputation as a dynamic artist with a magnetism.

For Different Trains he was able to transmit to the musicians all the subtleties about the dynamic variations of this piece. The evening was a great succes and I have to say that the Quebec audience was very warm and expressive. Thank’s to the mois multi ::: Emile, Gaétan, Ariane and Mateo and all the festival staff.