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The Big smiling Leap

August 31st, 2010

sun, the smiling translator in the air[flv][/flv]

Audio record

August 31st, 2010

Today, I finally made some audio recordings of the installation Urban Wind in the glass room at Indaf2010. Taking few new picts at the same time _ along with Jia and Sun, my two official trasnlators.

Escape to seoul

August 28th, 2010

yesterday, I had a day off, so good idea to go visiting Seoul ( it’s 90 minutes from the INDAF _ city of tomorrow exhibition ) with Omar+Raf and our kindly guide Sunhee Han. And other picts from Incheon City.

We spend 2 hours at the Leeum museum . . . pieces from Sophie Calle, Bill Viola and Needle Women _ a video works by South Korean artist Kim Sooja

At the cinemateque

Lunch time, very very good Korean food

Raf Godlewski shoot the shooter

Near the OceanScope, I found a lot of dragonfly

Mini Quicktime

August 28th, 2010

I was touched by the acoustic of this room. This room sound’s like a church. . . The reverb time is extremely long, it make accordeons blending together as I never expect. wow, for the first presentation of this installation, I’m blessed. funny, that at the beginning of this video, I followed the workers rather than filming accordions. I find it so appropriate with this installation. Washing windows for a better view of the outside. Good timing with the workers, I like this shot. Can’t be done 2 times.



August 26th, 2010

Everything is done, nous avons installé, aujourd’hui, les éoliennes sur le toît près de Central Parc and connected it by network. At the glass room, the computer receive now all the wind data [ amplitude and direction ] Les accordéons sont donc fonctionnelles. We hear their breath and I must say that this room of glass has a very good acoustic. This kind of dome is really appropriate to this project.

the computer under the roof who will transmit the data to the Glass Room

The whole glass room will be really clean. Lots of work.

network technicians helping to fix a static IP address

Accordeons set-up

August 25th, 2010

Sorry to put all these Posts about Urban Wind in Korea . . . I think I have too much time in my hotel room don’t sleeping well ( hi ! ) . Anyway there are so eloquents. Ans I’m very happy of the result of this installation. Kind of mystic experience with the wind.

Joo was one of the best workers of the day, she study in architecture and I have to admit that she took very carefully all the details of this installatione


August 24th, 2010

Today, although I didn’t sleep well last night _ heavy jetlag and too much in my head ] I was surprise that all the urban wind boxes arrive in a really good condition. After unpacked the accordeons, sensors and logic box . . . we went near the central parc finding a roof to install the wind sensor.

Seungho taking foto for archive repacking

there is a part of the magnifique room where the accordeons will be installed.

Taking the road in central parc to find the best spot for the wind sensors

This roof was the best windy area. We see all the city and the wind seem very strong.

Seungho taking time to feel the wind - good to push out the festival stress


August 23rd, 2010

After 3 hours sleeping, I have to go to my first meeting with curator and technicians. It was in this beautifull building where the exhibition will be presented. Here on the photo Dooeun Choi, the curator, Kurt Hentschlager and technicians. [ Ulf Langheinrich behind me ].

Diner with Dooeun Choi, curator and his fabulous technical assistant Seungdo Long at a typical BBQ Korean restaurant

Korea arrival

August 23rd, 2010

Après 24 heures d’avion en passant par Paris, j’arrive enfin à Seoul. Déjà la langue, la musique de la langue est très différente de celle de la chine. Ça me semble beaucoup plus doux et harmonieux à l’oreille. Je pense juste à me retrouver à l’horizontal . . . sleeping sleeping. en attendant quelques images. All this city ::: city of tommorow ::: was contruct in the last 15 months. . . hum ! In Montreal, it’s take 3 years to contruct one building like this.


August 8th, 2010

I have a project with Eric Mattson, the great ZZ TOP montreal curator, about creating a picture vinyl inspired by my project DUST. My idea was to put a bunch of dust directly on a vinyle and record the audio trajectory of the needle trying to find his way find through this pile of dust.