Dust Mangler

January 23rd, 2010

For the past 10 days, I began my aesthetical researchs ( audio / visual ) for my project DUST. Experimenting with particle systems in 3d environnements and particles systems in audio patches. I try to bring them into dynamic relationships. The similarities between the audio noise and video dust are becoming more challenging.

Tonight I spend time to create some sources and harsh textures with the BitMangler I found at RobotSpeak in San Francisco . Even sound very harmonious did not leave indebted. The sound is split into rougher complex nd rich audio dirt. hi hi! _ The joystick is very sensitive. In the next weeks I will mix these audio sources with reaktor patches that will generated granular, kind of dust audio .

Bitmangler 009-k
Bitmangler 001-k

HIH_8511k 2
Bitmangler 008-k