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Mutek set-up

May 27th, 2010

I took the day to prepare my audio set-up for mutek Ectoplasm3, curated by eric mattson _ june 3th. I will improvise with Jean-Pierre Aubé that will use live frequency interference captations. Kind of airwaves spy. On my side, I will create some tectonic ambiances ( large scale motions of Earth’s lithosphere ) from my field recordings archive. To play with these field recordings, I set-up today a special EctoPlate instrument that can produce friction texture’s and can also activate ( by few pressure sensors ) my field recordings.
There some picts of my today laboratory. If the tests are fairly conclusive, I will improve this tectonic instrument for next Thursday. I recorded also my first test improvisation, it’s near near 35min. I like very much the overall feel.
Ecto JamSolo 01eq

EctoPlateInst 097
EctoPlateInst 020
EctoPlateInst 034

EctoPlateInst 003
EctoPlateInst 072
EctoPlateInst 068
EctoPlateInst 095

EctoPlateInst 051

accordeons adventure

May 25th, 2010

With the beautifull weather, we decided this week end going to Montmagny _ a little city near Quebec city. One reason was taking time in the countryside for the birthday anniversary of Eva ::: and on the other end because she finded for my new installation series call WINDFIELDS lots of used accordeons near the accordeon museum of montmagny. We didn’t know this little village is a very important place for the accordeon international communauty. She organise for me an appointment with one of the best artisanal accordeon builder and repair shop. I was very happy to bring back lots of old and beautifull accordeons. This installation in plan to be presented in september in Korea.

accordeon Montmagny 002-k
accordeon Montmagny 001-k

accordeon Montmagny 009-k
accordeon Montmagny 015-k
accordeon Montmagny 010-k
accordeon Montmagny 019-k

Back from geneva

May 19th, 2010

hey ! I’m just back from Mapping festival in Geneva_switzerland. It was a great edition for Mapping. New venues ::: Grutli theater + Musée d’art Contemporain beside the underground Zoo and Spoutnik. I received a very dynamic and warm reception by the audience for INJECT. I want to thank’s all the young+effervescent Mapping team that was so kindly with me. They make me feel part of their unique family . . . make me dancing until 10am _ hi ! As the chouchou of Amira, it will be a pleasure to accept all their invitations for the future. There is some pict from the installation I presented at the Museum.

Mapping2010 097-k

Mapping2010 089-k
StochasticMapping 2010 007-OK
StochasticMapping 2010 121-OK

StochasticMapping 2010 122-k

StochasticMapping 2010 053-OK

Mapping2010 099-k
Mapping2010 082-k
StochasticMapping 2010 105-OK
StochasticMapping 2010 004-OK
StochasticMapping 2010 085-OK


May 15th, 2010

thank’s to Fanny, Ben and Sam for their support and kepping spirit and energy until the end. They finally upgrade the projector not without lots of technical problems, but at the end the audience had a great technical context.

Mapping2010 030-k
Mapping2010 029-k
Mapping2010 021-k
[ The great Ben, maestro of the phase circuit ]
Mapping2010 077-k
Mapping2010 071-k
Mapping2010 052-k
[ and Fanny _ suprised to see before the video check that the projector does not have light _ hum _ it’s probably an option !!! ]
Mapping2010 053-k
Mapping2010 023-k
Mapping2010 042-k
Mapping2010 009-k
[Erasers _ before their real time collaborative expemiment performance”]
Mapping2010 010-k
Mapping2010 091-k

Mapping 2010-01

from Elektra / montreal 2010

May 10th, 2010

Elektra2010 016b-k
Elektra2010 024b
Elektra2010 062-k
Elektra2010 007-kElektra2010 091-kElektra2010 040-k

Elektra2010 038-k

Elektra2010 020b