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Urban Wind test

July 25th, 2010

We experimented with ventilators to find what harmonies seemed the most appropriate for the intallation Urban Wind. With switches like we could find what was the best harmonic associations. Next week, we will be already to test our patch Arduino+Max to creating gradient sound connect to the wind amplitude.

UrbanW DavidTake[flv][/flv]

Other trains

July 9th, 2010

Some screen shots of the evolutive different trains / steve reich project.

Different trains

July 9th, 2010

This month, I started to work on a ‘hommage’ to Steve Reich that will be presented in Rennes, France _ next october. The Bretagne Orchestra directed by Jean-Mickaël Lavoie will play this amazing piece in a front of my video. It’s a great honnor that Cultures Electroni[k] invite me to create visual for Different Trains. Steve Reich is for me a very significative influence _ not only because I’m basically a drummer, but because he has experience with repetitive rhythmic cycles and phases. What I particularly like in different trains, is that these are the voices pre-recorded on tapes which dictate the beat and the harmony to the musicians. My idea is to create 3 ‘tableaux kinétique’ that will establish an atmosphere suited to the three separate movements of this piece. I opted to does not, or hardly ever show the train. Rather, we will look through the windows _ the frosted window, the anamorphic window, the poetic vision. From the eyes of passengers to the outside world. For the few parts that we will see a train, I worked with a miniature train shooted in macro optic.

two new snappy tracks

July 8th, 2010

hey, I forgot these tracks . . . Dominique Godderis sent it to me 3 months ago and they stay in my mails box _ never too late, so there is these 2 mini life moments . . . Always spontaneous and blurry. thank’s.
04-see it coming_
05-little man