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Eotone – Wind Territory

March 6th, 2014

For the last 2 years, I worked with David Letellier on a large scale project. Eotone. We reflect on distance and weather, by staging something intangible yet powerful: the wind. Four sound and sculptural diffusers, containing elements of both the weather vane and the fog horn, make up this monumental installation that renders in movement and sound the direction and force of the wind blowing simultaneously on two continents. The wind data recorded in each city is transmitted live to the diffusers, controlling the orientation of each of the structures and orchestrating the combined chords that make up the harmonic whole perceived at the heart of the installation. By transforming weather data into sound, EOTONE offers a subtle artistic vision of the Internet of objects.

In the time that we work on all web/audio/geocontrol applications, IUT from Nantes build these diffusers.