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June 22nd, 2010

Last fryday, I went with david to Casavant, one of the best pipe organ builders in the world ::: at Sainte-Hyacynthe, Quebec. Eva told me that Simon from Casavant can help me in my Urban Wind installation. We took great time talking with Simon and Denis ( the master technicien of Casavant ) about the air problematic we had with our accordeons. It was very helpfull to share with them some Casavant’s secret tips . . . just for non commercial use _ thank’s art !!!!!!!!!!

urbanfield research

June 12th, 2010

Our first meeting lab ( with Omar, Eva and David ) to test air compressor and accordeons for the UrbanField installation that will be presented next september at Incheon city in Korea.
accordeonA 053

accordeonA 054

accordeonA 018
accordeonA 013

accordeonA 027
accordeonA 004


June 5th, 2010

Yesterday, at mutek11 _ it was the most special and impredictible event at Ectoplasm :::: EricZZmattson improvised a NoisePunkSet on the Steve Bates Guitar. Ectoplasm one of the best event at mutek, the audience was very enthousiasm and have a great respect for all the artists. thank’s to Eric to make it happen Here some picts from my cellphone.

The ZZ maximalist guitar heroe

The ZZ maximalist guitar heroe

EricZZtop 002

TestJam with mister Kloud

June 1st, 2010

Today we test our improvisation set-up for Mutek Ectoplasm

mister kloud in the front of is lab

mister kloud in the front of is lab

EctoJP 013
EctoJP 019
EctoJP 014
EctoJP 010
my little set-up EctoPlate on the floor

my little set-up EctoPlate on the floor



EctoPlateInst 078