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Dust+Inject > Cagliari / Italia

September 28th, 2010

Just come back from Cagliari / Sardinia Island in Italy. I presented Dust and Inject in this old castle. This castello is at the top of the Cagliari City, beautifullview on the island, seeing water all around. A very beautifull location. I have to thank’s Alessandro for inviting me and all the staff there :::: Matteo, Lucilla and my personal driver Sabrina.

Alessandro, the great director

Geographic Words

September 17th, 2010

Today, I spent some time to built my Audio Controller for Geographic Words performance. It will be presented at Rennes, France _ next october _ in the train station. Festival Cultures Electroni[k] Du 6 au 17 octobre 2010. The idea is that each red dots on the map will trig different sentences. These sentences will be output on a multi channels audio system. People from the audience will take in their hands little speakers that will receive these sentences.
Have a look at


September 7th, 2010

Yesterday, I presented INJECT V.02 at the Tabac Fabric ::: Ars Electronica 2010. Inject v.02 received this year a PRIX ARS _ honorary mention Digital music & sound art. The quadra audio was impressive at the Losehalle venue. I performed on 3 HD video screens. And after me, Rioichi presented Rheo ::: It was a very strong evening.

Dust perfo INDAF_Korea 2010

September 3rd, 2010

Yesterday, it was rainning for my performance dust. But today, the sky was clear, the weather very confortable and the sound was very immersive … it’s not always evident when the event is outdoor.

Last day in Korea

September 3rd, 2010

Snif ! _ It’s my last day here, at the INDAF festival. I had great time with all the people who worked hard to let this event exist. Not enought Staff, but very very comprehensive and kindly. So, my last day begin with a old Korean tradition. People ( usually women ) prepare a paste taking from the powder of flower ( I do not remember the name ). It produce a very bright orange humid substance. They envelop the tips of their fingers with this substance for 4 or 5 hours. After remove and clean this substance … the fingertips and nails are stained with the bright orange for more than three months. If the color persists until the first snow, well, their wishes will happen. Sun ask to me, to try it on one of my finger . . . so, I will keep with this orange finger for the next 3 months, hoping that my wishes happen . . . hi !

The final result _ Orange lucky finger !!!

After, because I had the day off, I asked Gia to bring me to an industrial district. So, I took time to shoot lots of beautifull video for my next project. We went after to Seoul at an old water treatement usine that was converted in a beautifull parc with lots of Nenuphars

And everything finish in beauty with friends at a very good korean restaurant.

Santé !!! Seungho Hong[flv][/flv]