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Last day in Korea

September 3rd, 2010

Snif ! _ It’s my last day here, at the INDAF festival. I had great time with all the people who worked hard to let this event exist. Not enought Staff, but very very comprehensive and kindly. So, my last day begin with a old Korean tradition. People ( usually women ) prepare a paste taking from the powder of flower ( I do not remember the name ). It produce a very bright orange humid substance. They envelop the tips of their fingers with this substance for 4 or 5 hours. After remove and clean this substance … the fingertips and nails are stained with the bright orange for more than three months. If the color persists until the first snow, well, their wishes will happen. Sun ask to me, to try it on one of my finger . . . so, I will keep with this orange finger for the next 3 months, hoping that my wishes happen . . . hi !

The final result _ Orange lucky finger !!!

After, because I had the day off, I asked Gia to bring me to an industrial district. So, I took time to shoot lots of beautifull video for my next project. We went after to Seoul at an old water treatement usine that was converted in a beautifull parc with lots of Nenuphars

And everything finish in beauty with friends at a very good korean restaurant.

Santé !!! Seungho Hong[flv][/flv]

The Big smiling Leap

August 31st, 2010

sun, the smiling translator in the air[flv][/flv]

Escape to seoul

August 28th, 2010

yesterday, I had a day off, so good idea to go visiting Seoul ( it’s 90 minutes from the INDAF _ city of tomorrow exhibition ) with Omar+Raf and our kindly guide Sunhee Han. And other picts from Incheon City.

We spend 2 hours at the Leeum museum . . . pieces from Sophie Calle, Bill Viola and Needle Women _ a video works by South Korean artist Kim Sooja

At the cinemateque

Lunch time, very very good Korean food

Raf Godlewski shoot the shooter

Near the OceanScope, I found a lot of dragonfly

Korea arrival

August 23rd, 2010

Après 24 heures d’avion en passant par Paris, j’arrive enfin à Seoul. Déjà la langue, la musique de la langue est très différente de celle de la chine. Ça me semble beaucoup plus doux et harmonieux à l’oreille. Je pense juste à me retrouver à l’horizontal . . . sleeping sleeping. en attendant quelques images. All this city ::: city of tommorow ::: was contruct in the last 15 months. . . hum ! In Montreal, it’s take 3 years to contruct one building like this.

Back from geneva

May 19th, 2010

hey ! I’m just back from Mapping festival in Geneva_switzerland. It was a great edition for Mapping. New venues ::: Grutli theater + Musée d’art Contemporain beside the underground Zoo and Spoutnik. I received a very dynamic and warm reception by the audience for INJECT. I want to thank’s all the young+effervescent Mapping team that was so kindly with me. They make me feel part of their unique family . . . make me dancing until 10am _ hi ! As the chouchou of Amira, it will be a pleasure to accept all their invitations for the future. There is some pict from the installation I presented at the Museum.

Mapping2010 097-k

Mapping2010 089-k
StochasticMapping 2010 007-OK
StochasticMapping 2010 121-OK

StochasticMapping 2010 122-k

StochasticMapping 2010 053-OK

Mapping2010 099-k
Mapping2010 082-k
StochasticMapping 2010 105-OK
StochasticMapping 2010 004-OK
StochasticMapping 2010 085-OK

San Francisco by the beach

December 28th, 2009

At the last minute _ Eva and I found flight tickets really cheap for San Francisco _ is just that it has decided us to go to that destination _ just to take good time before starting 2010.
At this time of the year, sea lions must immigrate soon here at Pier 39 _ we’re excited and we’re going to the docks every day. Until their arrivals, we take long walks in the city and near the sea _ and we rent Go-Car to go under the golden bridge.

SF2009_blog 09SF2009_blog 08SF2009_blog 07SF2009_blog 10SF2009_blog 12


December 2nd, 2009

Yesterday, Dominique Godderis and me _ went by chance to the Moka Classic Expresso Bar . . . the owner of this very ’50 lookin place, was very attracted and impressed by my glasses. hi ! _ He said to me that behind a frame on the wall, there is a 1947 comic book with a cartoon guy that looks like me. He starting to open few frames to find the good one. I admit _ he was right . . .
moka cartoon01
moka cartoon02
moka cartoon05
moka cartoon06
moka cartoon04x
moka cartoon04

Take a walk on the wild side

November 30th, 2009

Yesterday I spend the day with my friend Dominique Godderis walking in the streets of bruxelles. She bring me in the flea market under a cloudy sky. Meeting point _ in the mouth of the dragon. hi !

The dragon from my hotel window view.

The dragon from my hotel window view.

Dominique listening a fanfare band at the fea market.

Dominique listening a fanfare band at the fea market.

Fanfare band playing Blondie_Heart of glass. beautifull moment.

Fanfare band playing Blondie_Heart of glass. beautifull moment.

On the road

On the road

Finishing the day at the cafe Metropole_talking and changing the world 2 or 3 times.

Finishing the day at the cafe Metropole_talking and changing the world 2 or 3 times.

Eating pretzels and drinking half and half. Dominique make me discover this dring. half vino + half champagne_ simple but divin !  hum !!!

Eating pretzels and drinking half and half. Dominique make me discorver this dring. half vino+half champagne_ hum !!!


November 30th, 2009

J’ai donc présenté hier INJECT V.02 aux Brigittimes à Bruxelles dans le cadre de Cimatics2009. Les Brigittimes se définit Centre d’art du mouvement et de la voix. Architecturalement, c’est un lieu assez unique. L’ancienne Chapelle des Brigittines – église baroque du XVIIè siècle – jusqu’il y a peu, lieu principal d’activité et de représentations, est aujourd’hui dotée d’une extension, une jumelle, Chapelle contemporaine, inaugurée les 20 et 21 août 2007. L’année 2008 verra également l’achèvement des travaux de construction d’un bâtiment voisin qui comprendra 6 ateliers/logements pour artistes ainsi que d’un jardin artistique et pédagogique, tous deux, aussi gérés par Les Brigittines. Malgré sa hauteur, l’acoustique de la chapelle est assez surprenante. C’est probablement dû à son plafond construit en pièces de bois.

brigittines01 >brigittines04

Cimatics m’a fourni des techniciens audio et vidéo passinnés et hyper professionnels, nous avons ensemble pris le temps ( grand luxe ) de bien sculter l’espace en quadraphonie.

cimatics tek

/>cimatics09.06 >cimatics09.07


TOMORROW > > > Leaving for Belgium

November 25th, 2009

I am in the final preparation for inject v.o2 for cimatics/belgium 28.11.09 ___

in the line-up ::::MaxHattler&NorikoOkaku (UK) + Demolecularisation (FR) + OginoKnauss