September 16th, 2015

OpenSourceFestival in Gdanz / Poland. Second time for me to play there.
Sylvester and Katja are great friends. They create this festival in this little town, sharing with their audience a passion for new art media. I have beautiful time the festival is just at the border of the sea. Fresh Air !


September 9th, 2015

For 2 days I gave a Seismik workshop to Seoul children’s. from 10 to 16 years old. They was very intrigued about the subject. And we built a Teensy interface that connect to an OpenFrameWork application based on the one I use for my performances.
At the end, we presented an installation at the Da Vinci creative festival, at Gumcheon Art center.

Doouen Choi, the curator


September 8th, 2015


3 performances at Flussi Italy

August 27th, 2015

Some pictures from Flussi festival _ Avellino_Italia

ISEA 2015 / Vancouver

August 22nd, 2015

Isea in collaboration with Mutek, presented 3 generations of media artists from Quebec. I have to say that I was the grand father of these night. hi iii ! What a pleasure for me to play and see all these talented artists with me. Martin Messier, Nicolas Bernier, Woulg, Myriam Bleau, Betafeed, Artificiel, Maotik, etc …. We play at the Simon Fraser University in the FEI & MILTON WONG EXPERIMENTAL THEATRE. Such a good and beautifull place. I took some free days to walk in the city, taking a ride boat and discussing with ducks.


June 7th, 2015

immerson is included in the BIAS – International Sound Art Biennal – June 4th & 5th 2015

The curator/artist France Jobin invited to create and play a new piece at Immerson event at the Oborro center. In the same evening Mika Vanio, Nicolas Bernier and John Duncan presented their piece. No visual. The sound system was designed by Stephane Claude, a famous sound ingeneer in Montreal. THE SYSTEM IS A 6.1 SURROUND IMMERSIVE INSTALLATION WITH SMALL STEREO SPEAKERS ADDED ON THE CEILING FOR “SHOWER” AUDIO EFFECTS. So, I created a new 20 minutes audio piece just for this event. 2 nights june 5 and 6th. II was not quite satisfied with my room on the first night. So I took another approach for the second night, and I must say I am quite happy with this new approach.

Inkubator.02 > Mutek 2015

June 2nd, 2015

For Inkubator.02 performance, I took some electronic devices from the one I presented at ElectroShock in last april. But I work in a more fluidity way between all electronic laboratories. For this special Mutek Play2 evening the thema was about obsolete devices. So I took with me Metal plates, Motors, Old Television, sensors, Electricity Modules and I improvised by group of devices. Feedback, Electricity freezing, Cathodic Lights.


May 21st, 2015

May 13th, I performed SEISMIK+AFTERSHOCK at Interstice festival. A very warm audience. A few days before, I got my technique steal suitcase, my audio interface, my controllers, geophone, antenna, everything. Fortunately my computers and my modular were in a second suitcase. Cancel my performance was thought, then with the festival team dynamics, we have traveled all over town to remanufacture and buy my accessories midi controllers. Phew !!!! Narrowly, I managed to present Aftershock and Seismik. My reward was this warm and enthusiastic audience.


May 16th, 2015

Durant 2 mois [ de mars à mai], j’ai élaboré et donné avec Mickael Lafontaine un workshop avec les jeunes de l’école Marguerite De Lajemmerais. Travailler avec des étudiantes hyper motivées sous le chapeau de leur enseignante Anne-Claire Morin fut une expérience vraiment stimulante pour moi. Un workshop qui s’articulait autour de la collecte de son, son traitement en temps réel, des expérimentations sur la physicalité audio avec des transducteurs et des chimies, un apprentissage au coding, des expériences pratiques en prises de vues vidéo, etc etc. Un 2 mois très chargé qui a culminé vers une performance à la Place des Arts. Une performance d’un niveau artistique et professionnel dont nous tous sommes très fiers. Bravo les filles !!!!!!!!!

Cette véritable équipe s’est unie sous le nom de EKOS collectif. Création live d’écosystèmes chimiques et numériques. Ékos sculpte en direct le son et la lumière afin de créer des paysages macroscopiques filmés en direct.


May 2nd, 2015

I presented last week a conference at the Cirque du Soleil [ 45 dedrees ] event. My talk was about some of my work related to the wind dynamic. The windfields series. At the end I made a little performance/demontration of a new project in beta version.