May 15th, 2010

thank’s to Fanny, Ben and Sam for their support and kepping spirit and energy until the end. They finally upgrade the projector not without lots of technical problems, but at the end the audience had a great technical context.

Mapping2010 030-k
Mapping2010 029-k
Mapping2010 021-k
[ The great Ben, maestro of the phase circuit ]
Mapping2010 077-k
Mapping2010 071-k
Mapping2010 052-k
[ and Fanny _ suprised to see before the video check that the projector does not have light _ hum _ it’s probably an option !!! ]
Mapping2010 053-k
Mapping2010 023-k
Mapping2010 042-k
Mapping2010 009-k
[Erasers _ before their real time collaborative expemiment performance”]
Mapping2010 010-k
Mapping2010 091-k

Mapping 2010-01