Back from geneva

May 19th, 2010

hey ! I’m just back from Mapping festival in Geneva_switzerland. It was a great edition for Mapping. New venues ::: Grutli theater + Musée d’art Contemporain beside the underground Zoo and Spoutnik. I received a very dynamic and warm reception by the audience for INJECT. I want to thank’s all the young+effervescent Mapping team that was so kindly with me. They make me feel part of their unique family . . . make me dancing until 10am _ hi ! As the chouchou of Amira, it will be a pleasure to accept all their invitations for the future. There is some pict from the installation I presented at the Museum.

Mapping2010 097-k

Mapping2010 089-k
StochasticMapping 2010 007-OK
StochasticMapping 2010 121-OK

StochasticMapping 2010 122-k

StochasticMapping 2010 053-OK

Mapping2010 099-k
Mapping2010 082-k
StochasticMapping 2010 105-OK
StochasticMapping 2010 004-OK
StochasticMapping 2010 085-OK